Friends of Oscar Grant

Friends of #OscarGrant - violence in any form or fashion dishonors his name, his family's name, and our community. If the verdict comes back acquittal, there are legal procedures in place to try and overturn that judgement. Tony Coleman, of OneFam, and others, are organizing a speak out, at 6pm the day of the verdict, on 14th and Broadway. We ask that everyone in our community with interest in justice for #OscarGrant - to please gather with us on 14th and Broadway - to listen and dialogue about the verdict and continued violence against the youth of our community.

Friends of #OscarGrant - the First Amendment of the United States Constitution specifically protects free speech; the freedom to assemble peacefully to air out our grievances, and our right for peaceful demonstrations as part of the process of righting what we not only perceive to be, but know to be, a wrongful verdict. We plan on utilizing our First Amendment rights to the fullest. Join us, the day of the verdict, at 6pm, on 14th and Broadway.

Friends of #OscarGrant - we all have the same thoughts and feelings if the verdict comes back with acquittal. However, we must remain calm throughout this process. Cooler heads must prevail and together we must lead the nation in setting an example of how a community comes together to address and seek redress for our grievances. Come speak your mind the day of the verdict with Tony Coleman of OneFam, and others in the community at 6pm on 14th and Broadway, after we hear the verdict.

Friends of #OscarGrant - no violence of any kind, against people, property, or even the police, is encouraged or condoned, absolutely none. This sends the wrong message throughout our community and the nation. Come together, all of you with concerns for our community and #OscarGrant, at 6pm, on 14th and Broadway, the day of the verdict; do it for yourself, do it for your community, do it for #OscarGrant.

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