What is death?

Guest Blogger: J. Farand, the Owl in Owl's Asylum

Death is the destruction of the body. What is the "destruction of the body"? It is the separation of the body from the mind. It is the removal of the electromagnetic spectrum from the form. It is the leaving of the spirit from the body. In many ways this could be considered a good thing. Anyone that has ever been to jail, been to prison, been handcuffed, or suffered from a stroke understands how it feels to be imprisoned. To be held against your will. And as we become more aware, or conscious of this feeling, this particular part of living: the losing of will power, we begin to compare it to the feeling of living life it Self. For those of us living in capitalistic communities that are not of the higher arch of the hierarchy (read that again, please, and tell me I don't deserve my position...), life in society becomes a prison sentence.

Many of us are actually Tupac Shakurs: men and women born in prisons, forced to labor for money that is controlled by others. The capitalist system that I was born into is not just the Western man's economic apex - it is the culmination of a thinking that was developed from humans forced to survive the cold and lifeless mountains of Caucus Asia, which was the world's first prison. It is the culmination of those raised in a climate that lacked life. In that sort of environment, men-who tend to be physically stronger than women- have been documented as burying their daughters, raping one another to stave off the sexual desire, eating other human beings as a means to survive, and multitudinous acts that were not apart of the lifestyle of the original peoples.

The "Eden," or the crest of humanity, the area which even the Western people's have to concede would provide the best conditions for the human being to be produced, did not see such acts as burying female children until after the western man returned back to that area in the form of the Arab. This is not to say that the practices of those people that would be known as the original society had the most good, or the Ma'at principle at heart, yet they developed a set of ordinances that IN COMPARISON to what was acted out by those that escaped from Europe to raid the the world (a whole world, Craig...alright, old joke) are easily determined to be less about the group, more about the individuals.

As we have stated earlier, the death of anything is the separation of that entity's  mental/spiritual/-electro-magnetic faculty from its purely physical elements. What we see in the Western philosophy is a separation of all individuals from the collective passion. Whereby the Eastern orientation as seen in the ideas deciphered by the concept Ma'at reflect a concern with the society proper, the US is built on the backs of slaves, indentured servants, and the poor in general. Capitalism reflects every societal ill worked against by the notion of Ma'at. The homeless woman with three children is blamed for situation and used to produce killers of the poor and workers in the prison slavery complex.

In the Western ideology of existentialism, we find man being pit against nature, man being pit against society, and man being pit against him Self. It is interesting that the word "pit" is used here. We also see this word 'pit' used to describe dogs that are trained to fight. The 'pit' is the place where one fights. The term 'pit' is also used to refer to the seeds of fruit. For the Western people, the root is the 'pit'. In this pit, the man is typically the objectified gender sent to die and kill for those who are the most individualistic because of their wealth. This is one of the reasons why the Western society is deemed 'patriarcial'. They don't see the power of the womb. They reckon life as an evil construct. This is why Zeus, an agrarian construct-as most gods are constructs of the tale shapers that weave tales told to explain nature- has the power of lightning, and tortures one of his children that brings fire to humans. The explanation of the same reality of fire in the East is depicted in the structure of the pyramids. 'Pyramid' meaning house of fire and a temple to the gods. In the West, the original temples are houses of sacrifice and battling grounds...pits to be exact.

The original peoples would obviously be a more matriarcial type as they worshipped Creators as benevolent and even placed in their scriptures a woman savior in the form of Isis. The gods of the Greeks, Romans, and Jews take a disposition towards man(humans) as vile beings, ungodly, to the point where we today worship a man sent by this most high god to be killed by us humans. The very fabric of the thinking of this Western system, the most emotive element of the society, its religion, causes us to despise our Selves, to separate from our Selves, and to be held in some contempt of a court in which we are guilty before innocent. And this court is life it Self. We seek to approve of one another not by acts of kindness, but by acts of "shineness." To those that have taken the most, the most shall be given.

The focus of the Black peoples that find them Selves children of slaves and revoltist in the West is to develop a philosophy and ideological science that can explain and convince the rest of the peoples of the world to come back to the wholeness of life. To forge a new thinking, that is an old thinking, that can comprehensively tie the individual back to the whole. It is not an error to think for one Self, but it is a fallacy and a ridiculous one, I might add, to consider one Self above the collective. We come not to this plane of existence as separate, but as faculties of the whole in the same manner that the bark, the leaves, and the cells of the tree are not separate, but only elements of the whole tree. We are simply cells in the neural workings of life. And it is the duty of those that have been pained the most, those that have been degreed in the discipline of human agony to explain this to the immature peoples that have not been such educated.

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