LeBron James: So Generous; Sui Generis

The reasons LeBron James returned to Cleveland are many and myriad, with more motifs, motives and modi operandi than I can comprehend. Perhaps even he is not sure of all the forces behind his decison. What appears on the surface to be an emotional choice can instead of and as well be viewed as a smart business decision as his endorsements won't suffer and in fact are probably enhanced by his deft judgment and a surely genuine sui generis moment in professional sports; an athlete trying to give back to his community, especially in the black community, where human resources are severely scarce as the forces of poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, incarceration, and structual and institutional racism take their toll. It appears as if James may really be The Chosen One,  trying to help raise the standards of his whole community. A leader by example of what giving back means, for the people and by the people.

The opportunity to continue to learn and share his basketball prowess with other basketball elites, coaches and players alike, as well as ownership he knew and respected and was still comfortable with, played a part as well. Don't think owning an NBA team isn't a part of the KingJames future.

From the physical and mental aspect, a Cleveland team filled largely with young, vibrant minds still learning the game, and LeBron, still smarting from the way the Spurs dissected his team, hopes to help build and mentor a team to the NBA Championship. The kind of team that strives to find the best shot possible, regardless who shoots it, and a team that plays the best help defense in the NBA.
The Cavaliers were the best logical choice. He gets to try and groom them to playing basketball the right way, so much harder to do with established veterans, although they did well in Miami, it was over to LeBron, obviously. This new team is years younger and now man for man are a team to be reckoned with that will only get better. Wouldn't it be fun to see the Cavs win an NBA title?

The Cavs were 21 games behind Miami last year. If Lebron is good for 10, that makes them even, and the season hasn't even started. (Lebron brings Cleveland up at least 10 games and the Heat fall back 10 games next year. It's my math and I'm sticking to it.)

I first noticed James as he scored 25 points in a row against Detroit in the playoffs. We all watched him take Miami to four straight NBA finals and I was astonished as he took his talents back to the Midwest. Those were moments but what is really amazing to me is what transpired in Si.Com. LeBron said "I want kids in Northeast Ohio, like the hundreds of Akron third-graders I sponsor through my foundation, to realize that there’s no better place to grow up. Maybe some of them will come home after college and start a family or open a business. That would make me smile. Our community, which has struggled so much, needs all the talent it can get." To me, that is impressive. For me, this is his signature moment, not as a basketball player, but as a black man.
I can see a political career for Mr. James if he chooses. Maybe even commissioner of the NBA someday. The graciousness he exuded concerning the Dan Gilbert letter and the fans that burned his jersey generated goodwill of unheard of proportions in O-H-I-O. The man can run for mayor now and when he retires in most cities in America, don't doubt it. Much like Dave Bing and Kevin Johnson, among others, but with just a bit more cachet. Another trip to D.C. might be down the road as well, only this time as a member of the legislature.

With what he publicly set out to do and accomplished and with what his future portends, nothing he does will surprise any of us anymore.  I can't wait for LeBron James and The Ohio Players in Cleveland next year. The NBA just became more interesting.  

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