Dont Call Me Nigger, Whitey; Mighty Mighty,
Spades and Whitey, I'm Black and I'm Proud

I talked to my neighbor the other day, the one that loves to say nigger everytime we talk. I only realized, after he told me, I talk about race everytime I see him. It appears that's my coping mechanism. Anyway, I see him and say, "it bothered me that you said I talk about race everytime I see you. And I have to say you are right. I have told you I am black and yet you say nigger nearly everytime we speak together. And we wind up talking about race."

His first response today, "when did I say nigger?" I explained about the nigger bitch he complained about and further elucidate that each time he says nigger(s), I speak about race. At this point he couldnt handle the truth. He says that's not true, and he can't talk anymore, and goes inside, muttering my name, like I am the one with the problem.

Now at this point let me describe my neighbor. He's a 2nd or 3th generation white male of one sort or another. Long-haired hippy friend, with a pony tail. His dream is to retire in Colorado and live off the grid. As he has his own internet business, and only has 12 house payments left, he may just do it next year. He is what one might call, a highly educated, unintentional bigot. He thinks that white folks can be niggers, too. Only, I have never heard him mention white niggers. In fact, I have only heard him mention white trash, wetbacks, and niggers. But then again, I am the one with the problem.

We must confront racism everytime we see it. It is uncomfortable, unpleasant, and unpretty. Because we had little power previous, we still have to deal with being called nigger. Now that we have reached a certain level of accomplishment, we need to speak on race every chance we get. Time to stop running from the discussion, but use it as a chance to stay engaged with the uninformed, the unintelligent, and the uninitiated. @kyraocity originates it as "Agreeing to be Offended & Staying Connected."

At the same time, we must realize the hate going on in our own community. Those entertainers and others that deem it necessary to say nigger, niggas, niggaz, in any and all alliterations, are hurting Black society. We weaken ourselves everytime we use it to greet one another. I know, some ya all do not believe it is true, mainly cause this pertains to you. But, you are wrong, completely. All these years after slavery, why do we still have niggers? One reason is that it is kept alive in the Black community.

"Those who dont know history are destined to repeat it." Edmund Burke

To change the times, we have to change minds. Dont pass down our hate, pass forward our hope. Make a stand, make a difference, by every means necessary. Or dont complain, 30 years from now, when they still calling us nigger.

that is all


Anonymous said...

We must address race when it happens. I agree. I also am frustrated w/how we, as Black folks, could do better in how we rep ourselves from a cultural perspective.

The challenge of the N-word is that it sits right there at the intersection of race and class. Whites use it as both an attack on race and as an attack on the black lower class. Maintaining the N word is a reminder that some embrace the "keeping it real" cultural status while rejecting the mainstream. That's their choice. What bothers me is when ppl want it both ways. Wanting to "keep it real" but not willing accept when it's rejected. We end up using our social/cultural capital defending their foolishness.

Perfect example: Athletes who come from bad areas and want to better themselves but won't let go of that ghetto environment/image. When they get into trouble for doing something stupid, it automatically becomes a race issue.

Truthfully, the foolish behavior was the main turn off (and race/stereotyping added fuel to the fire). What ends up happening is that we attack the race piece of the story w/out meaningfully criticizing the foolish behavior. For those who do, they are met w/intense criticism.

We all have to fight race. But as Blacks we also need to recognize when the hostility is toward foolishness. And we..need to take responsbl for that fact that some of us just need to do better as a culture.

That begins w not using the N word and ends addressing some of the "keeping it real" culture.

Soulful1 said...

Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them.