Tupac Lives Within

We miss ya Tupac, and all the things you had to offer,
Americaz Most Wanted, the only way that they could stop ya.
Dear Momma you swore, you thought it was The Big Poppa,
got word to ya motha, was a John Gotti copa Who Shot Ya.
Some things were said that you really felt sorry for,
by any means necessary, Malcolm said, settle the score.
A dish best served cold, we know that's what revenge is,
let's wish (live) to die old, hold all of our little grandkids.
Stepped out that night, caught up with Suge Knight,
went to see a fight; red light, they ended your life.
Your time was too short, but everyday you held court,
made the world a better place, for what that is worth.
Lookin back now, we all were obsessin' on second guessin',
missing you both equally, we all learned this painful lesson;
should never stop talking, communicating to each other,
never have to see you in coffins, one brotha after another.
Now you're both deceased, with your spirits released,
the world has no peace, hip-hop fans still grieve.
Going down on bended knees with Prayers To The East,
no more Black blood on the streets, or enemies at our feet.
engaged and touched you, single mom raised you.
Tell me what happens to a dream deferred,
will it Fly Like An Eagle, will we hear another word?
Isn't it ironic that they started legalizing chronic,
we'd be ridin sub-sonic, inhaling the latest bubonic.
When we got hungry we'd get at some Sonic's,
then wash it all down with some Gin and Juice tonic.
Black Panther Party flowed throughout your veins,
momma said tell the truth son, make use of your pains.
Got smart and learned to make paper using your brain,
a prophet for the people, you shared our many shames.
One of ya claims to fame was the way you told a story,
Brenda Got A Baby was a clever allegory;
about the life and times of a child in the neighborhood,
looking for love from anyone, even those up to no good.
Have to tell ya Brenda's baby had a little lady, the other day,
with a frienda hers from the college, but he would not stay.
Future she had planned, seems it would have been great,
graduating from high school now, just gonna have to wait.
Got a job at a restaurant, earning her own wage daily,
tries to get credits at school too, but it's really crazy;
finding a sitter to help her care for her precious Sadie,
mostly does it all alone, so momma won't say she's lazy.
Wakes up sometimes, feeling like she just got punched,
knowing that without a diploma, jobs don't pay a bunch.
She downsized her cell phone, because it costs too much,
eats fries and burgers a lot, ya know she gets a free lunch.
She dreams her progeny goes further than she was able to,
seems the odds to me, are against that reality coming true.
Now it does occur to her she became another statistic,
chance of going to college, not too fuckin' optimistic.
Wanted to be a doctor, nurse, or even a scholar,
hard to find her biological, if you see him, holla.
Another boo in the neighborhood growin' up mad,
because they never got to visit with their natural dad.
Since you been gone, let me bring you up to speed,
a lot of the game's now full of sucka' MCs.
Candy asses swingin', even got thugs singing,
trying to cross over, so they can buy range rovers.
Repeating the 9th grade twice due to truancy,
from Detroit's 8 mile, Eminem spits lyrical lunancy.
I think you would like him, and his alter ego Stan,
pays homage to your style, whenever they can.
Remember in Compton, with you and Dre bouncin',
smokin on those dubs, full of California Love?
He's still getting paid, getting his checks everyday,
15 million last year, I even hear Detox is near.
Your old buddy Flav, clowning up of course,
on MTV's stage, freaking out with New York.
Old school soul's starting to make a come back,
Keyshia Cole's layin' down some bomb ass tracks.
Jay Z and Nas, you remember them Blacks,
all through the big apple, they played out their raps;
to see who was number one, when it was said and done,
Nas may have had panache, but Hova had all the cash.
Jigga did get with a Destiny's Child,
gave her a 5 mill rock, got that booty on lock.
Hova is now a major entrepreneur,
Beyonce married him with that half billy for sure.
Republicans left us with a multi-trillion dollar debt,
we voted for a Democrat, that seemed the best bet.
Michelle and her girls, setting a new Black precedent,
while Barack plays hoops, in the white house basement.
You would've loved seeing elected, this man that represents,
maybe after you vetted, get a job, with desk and bullshit.
Hill Harper, POTUS buddy, had a brand new web page,
still sharper, black minds sharing knowledge  every way.
The inauguration celebration was wall to wall packed,
you would've sat next to Oprah, that would have been wack.
She found herself crying, on some unknown folks shoulders,
Jesse Jackson did too, not sure if fake, or if they were sober.
American civil rights leaders, did the job, now getting older,
new ones sound meek, could have taught them to be bolder.
Time for us to get paid, sound the call for our reparations,
U.S. has to pay for robbing and raping the Black nation.
Kanye West, said it best, Bush didnt like black people,
connin' ya yes, not in jest, we all saw his abject evil.
With Illuminati vision, no division or checkin their decisions,
Dear Lord, they put the world at war, stock markets soared.
Fightin' for their autocracy , we doin' unheard of atrocities,
using our ideology, we're killing their preferred societies.
Following our instructions with beautiful seduction,
without any obstruction we did total deconstruction.
We fighting in Iraq, you'd say what kind of shit is that,
killing people near Black, for fool's gold, we got jacked.
Weapons of mass destruction, never had to touch em,
in beds while they lay, even got them while they prayed.
Saddam Hussein never called us a nigger,
yet we goin insane 'cause we have to pull the trigger,
to defend ourselves, and somebody elses oil wells,
we come back home, lock us in their fucking jail cells.
Bombing on a nation that really did us no harm,
but now we have color-coded terrorist alarms;
in our cities and towns around the world and USA,
wish the war would end, family members let us pray.
An eye for an eye is just not worth fightin' for,
tired of the knocking, a stranger at our front door;
telling us about loved ones, stationed at the front,
died in the middle east, body count up each month.
Supposed to be fightin' for a peoples's democracy,
oh say cant you see, the incredible hypocrisy.
That one over there, McCain said on national tv,
Invisible Man, please don't tell me about equality.
Less than 50% of of Black men get past the 12th grade,
is it their lack of effort, or are they just gettin played.
How come their parents dont march or protest with rage,
lettin' all the teachers know that a change is gonna come.
One in three or four of our brothers, in some jail or prison,
maybe you could help them make bail, or better decisions.
It costs much less money to pay for a college education,
instead America leads all the world in our incarceration.
Would have been fun, to see you get your college degree,
you could have got it done, then we call you Tupac, M.D.
Against All Odds, Blacks men winding up on college quads,
spend more time on broads, listening to the Terror Squad.
Is it better to carry a book or a gun, be a crook or a nun,
read A Raisin In The Sun, or become a don at Exxon.
Depends on what you want done, if ya live ya life on the run,
or have children at home, waiting for your call on the phone.
Doesn't matter where or how you think you're livin',
each and every Sunday goin' to church for religion.
But if you are not greedy, and learn to give freely,
especially to the needy, the Lord will surely bless thee.
Now this is from the heart, so listen well from the start,
we all only get one chance, so I hope you dance.
Make the world a better place, for each and every face;
do for others like it's for you, and believe in it too.
Born into poverty's a self-fulfulling prophesy,
don't need philosophy, free from you always costs me.
I hope this wasn't too obtuse for you all to fathom,
just one MC to another, with a Tupac anthem.
Well now it's hasta la vista and goodbye my friend,
I hope I get to meet ya, up on high in the end.
From city streets of Queens, to desert plains of Soweto,
hope you found your answer; Wonder If Heaven's Got A Ghetto.

that is all

I think this is the 3rd rap I did

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