Original Rap Game

4, 3, 2 and to the 1 done, I'm writin' this smack down just for fun son. First part, about my history, when it all became clear, like an epiphany.

When you look at me you see an amalgamation, cause my blood is mixed with the entire nations'. I'm an old G thug you a wannabe gangster, don't fuck with me or I'll have to gank ya, wanksta.

Dont play me freak cause I dont have time and I aint too fuckin' weak to pull out my nine. I take my respect, better give me some room, cause my trigger finger's itchin' for the sound of the boom,

from my 44 magnums goin zoom, zoom, zoom, and I always have them, they're my temples of doom. (SUPERFREAK) Do, do, do, do, it would be so simple, dropping shots, to the beat of a Rick James bassline tempo.

Start my nina blastin' caps without regret, send you to the undertaker with my personal check. Then it's too late to hear your secret confession, how I had become your number 1 obsession,

with my cold flow, that cuts you to your core, magician tricks my words and you never get bored. Be a poster boy on MTV with Ashton Kutcher, lookin' liked you got crunk like a steroid abuser.

Then I'll do my time without moanin' and whinin' cause a short while later I'll be filet mignonin', wearin' Sean Johns', Enyces and my Guccis, drinking all the Cristal, smellin' like coochi.

Ladies I have them, clock em' like Tyson, finger lickin' good like chicken, you oughta try some. I flow cold, like the wind from Chicago, women give me money like I'm the Wells Fargo.

And my fellas, I always do them right, we go droptop ridin' GMCs late night. We on Dubs, rollin', inside and out, down low, smoke thick, cant see, no doubt,

out of my Yukon Denali, cruise control locked, chance of getting stopped, by cops drops, to slim, or dim,like the lights behind my rims; illuminatin' the ground just of ahead of my sounds.

Playin poundin' pavement, glass shakin', baby makin', old school soul. Teddy P. still blows, smooth, like Close The Door. For a late night liaison, a change of pace you know The Deele, Two Occasions, Babyface just feels,

like a gentle persuasion, for my number 1 stunner, we flow front to back, in the middle of the Summer. Spring or fall, dont matter what the weather is, no ring at all, she's still the one I'm treasurin'.

The Mary Jane Girls and Lionel said, we goin' All Night Long before we even hit the bed, room for another, dont mind ya sister, but ya cant bring your brother or even your mother,

to this m'enage 'a trois, no time to pause, que sera sera, my mind's in a fog, been blow to bits, just about to call it quits, Bloodstone's the cd, track 6 is the shit.

While playing take to the sky on a Natural High, We gotta drop ya by the curb with a wave goodbye. Dry Ya Pretty Brown Eyes, my undercover shorty, we made a lot of good vibes, and you can keep the 40.

My driver hits the switches as she shuts the door, we rise 6 inches before the pedal hits the floor. Rollin' down the avenue laughing like fools, chest hurts so much you know there's gonna be a bruise;

from the chokin' from the tokin' on a one foot blunt, we gettin crunked from the skunk so I pass it up front, to my best friend drivin', she's my four-leaf clover, knows just what to say if 5 oh pulls us over.

When the red lights flash and siren starts to wail, I drop my stash, count my cash, hit the bluetooth, makin' bail. My lawyer got busy before we even hit the jail, woman so fine makes me dizzy but I never hit that tail.

Gave me some mail that I was not inclined to pick up, as I reclined, saw the bill, it was a stick-up. Seriously stuntin' I was watching the Bourne Identity, wouldnt be frontin' to say that homegirl was glad to see me.

Rolled down my tinted window and in jest said c'est la vie, shyster winked, blew a kiss and said I best be paid by 3. There you have it, no longer to you a mystery, a real dichotomy I am, this is just one part of me.

This is my 1st rap ever written, this is how we do it.

copyright © 2009 D.Allen "Original Rap Game"