Uncle Tom(e)

My points are valid and rather smoothly, here is my mantra Im going old school G;
delivering the message with style and grace, by the end of this session you and I can relate.
Here is the message not only for you visually, to take it easy on your learning disability;
the message is given to you empirically, follow along now trace the words lyrically.
Check it I aint mad at ya in fact I am ecstatic, black man to college and not a dope addict;
that sits at home streaming thoughts emphatic, hitting the bong and trippin the lights fantastic.
I can see you practicing how cow in your attic, watching oprah on tv mad ya got bad static;
nothing but a smiling face fake with some plastic, talking tome yourself and getting quite sarcastic.
My pen writes more dope than you have smoked, knowledge is your hope that you wont be a joke;
you start to choke when have to choose colors, a sellout so long dont know your own brothers,
Johnson or their song, get the funk out my face, back where you belong put you in your place.
Go get some slackers yeah play ps2 with crackers, we are the same color but you are a real motha.
Gonna have to fight to defend your views, be it black or white what race you choose;
you and your company really want to be white, no conscious in sight lets you sleep at night.
We cant get along until you learn circumspection, read the bible or koran get yourself in check son.
Giving you free lessons and now you stressing, spending time second guessing your own obsessions.
Now you can get with this or you can get with that, respect yourself - try to remember where you at.
Now you think you too cool going to a big school, favorite main ingredient everybody plays the fool.
I got a perfect stranger a full ride scholarship, worried writing papers so I helped him polish it;
even show you the school and his email slick, no need to make it up lord works miracles quick
Used to play chess in my best of days, made the moves while blazing purple haze;
glad it was really just a temporary phase, wisdom pass it on time earned sage.
My mind sees colors words my ink and canvas, stream of consciousness I didnt even plan this.
Still waters run deep and Im long and cold too, do ya thing playa but even you gotta pay some dues.
Hard to buy a house because they still redlining, discriminately shooting not guilty they are finding;
cops running brothers over and robbing them too, if you forget the past it will become your future boo.
A very special time now we are at the crossroads, youth leaders today taking over from the old souls;
waited your turn now you are in charge and in control, don't wind up tricked waking up on hoe stroll.
I know you had fun but I gotta get ghost son, have to run and get my notes and online posts done;
as the future of the black American fight for civil rights, careful who your friends are but include a few like me aight?

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